eK Core

The most important part of the eKoral system is the innovative eK Core base unit. It offers both aquarists and hobbyists wide range of options to customize, control and monitor their aquatic environment.

The system does not require any extra user programming to operate, as it is set to automatically connect to the Internet and download the necessary data to properly simulate several different reef systems around the world.

This modern aquarium controller is integrated with an extremely user-friendly interface that offers seamless customization via a handy mobile app.

Be Real-Time 24/7

- Water quality reading
- Equipment status
- Water level monitor
- Leak detector

Automatic Control

- Automatic scheduler
- Triggers and actions
- Scenario control

Alert system

Alerts you if there is any abnormalities detected

Seamlessly Synced with Cloud

Never lost date.

Remote Monitor

- Remotely control via smart device
- Real-time webcam video

Time-lapse Preview

Preview setting to perfect your system.

Maximum Connect

- Cable
- WiFi
- Bluetooth

Information Security

- Account verification
- Personal encryption key
- SSL connection

The eK Core will periodically receive over-the-air (wireless) updates through the Internet. It's designed with maximum flexibility in mind to be entirely "future-proof".